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How to know when your baby is ready for solid foods

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

It’s important to start this blog with a simple fact - every baby is different. What is true for one, won’t necessarily be true for another. With that being said there are a few signs that can indicate that your little one is ready for solid foods.

Typically parents aim for the six month mark to start introducing food into a baby’s diet. Some may be ready earlier than this, some later. Waiting until they’re actually ready will enable your baby to lead what they’re eating, and set you on course to having a happy little eater.

So what are the first signs to look out for?
  1. They can sit upright. This can be either by themselves, or with some support from you or a chair. You must ensure your baby is sitting upright when eating to avoid choking and enable them to swallow properly.

  2. The can hold their head up without support. This goes without saying, and will likely come with the territory of sign 1.

  3. They can bring food to their mouth. TV remotes, phones, toes - babies love putting things in their mouth. This is all part of their learning development and a sure fire sign that they’re ready to start on solids.

  4. Able to refuse food. If your baby is able to communicate that they don’t want any more and they’re full, then they’re likely to be ready. You’ll likely have experienced this when breast or bottle feeding them, when they push away.

  5. No more tongue-thrust reflex. Babies are born with a relax that pushes out objects when they’re placed in their mouth. In the early days this helps prevent them from choking, but as they get older this reflex goes. Which is helpful when you need to eat.

Introducing solid foods can be intimidating for parents, and the fear of their child choking can be overwhelming, so if you take nothing else from this article, we’d advise you take things at your own speed. Don’t do things you’re not comfortable with, until you know that your baby is ready.

But most of all, enjoy your weaning journey.

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