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Welcome to the BambooZoo

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Baby monkey suction plate
What a cheeky chimp

It's been a long time coming (just ask our social media followers), but we're pleased to announce that BambooZoo has officially LAUNCHED.

But what is it, we hear you ask?

Born out of the frustration of seeing our little one fling their lovingly cooked meals across the room, BambooZoo is a range of beautiful crafted bamboo suction plates, designed to stay stuck at mealtimes. We know the sinking feeling of your child's plates plummeting from the high chair, so we did something about it.

Our animal-themed suction plates, are both cute and functional - so much so, they'll not only be feeding bellies but imaginations at the same time.

Creating a community

But that's not all. We know being a parent is a challenging job, so we want to help make it easier where we can. That's why we'll be posting regular recipes, tips and tricks for (surviving) baby led weaning and beyond.

Our long term goal is to create an active community of parents who support and help each other, from advice in the middle of the night to sharing in celebration of your baby's milestones.

Social media

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook. We post regularly and would love to hear from you, and see the amazing meals you create for your little ones.

Oh yeah, and here's where you can buy our plates...

Our cute hoot -

Our cheeky chimp -

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