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Quick guide to eating out when you're weaning

Sounds daunting doesn’t it? Going out for a meal with your little one. But it needn’t be. In fact, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your BLW journey.

That moment you realise that you might actually get a semblance of your former life back and enjoy going out for meals again.

Whether you decide to take a lunch with you, or order something for your little one from the menu, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to eating out.

What to order from a restaurant

You’ll find most restaurants have something relatively healthy that you can offer to your little one. These are your best bet:

  • Salad - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers...the list goes on. Either way, most restaurants have salad options and are a great way to get extra nutrients into little bodies. Be weary of dressings though, they can sometimes have high salt content.

  • Steamed or mashed veg - always a crowd pleaser for both baby and parent. The bonus being that they can come undressed, ie. without salt or dressing, so you needn’t worry about the salt that may normally added for an adult portion.

  • Sweet potato fries - the darling of the chip community. If you’re going to have chips, then these are your best bet and easy for little fingers to handle. Yum.

  • Pasta - who doesn’t love carbs. With a nice creamy or tomato sauce, it’s always likely to be a winner.


Bring your own food. It’s certainly the cheapest and easiest option - you know what they like and you don’t have that awkward period waiting for the food to arrive while your child (loudly) loses their mind.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Bananas - who isn’t a fan of food that comes in it’s own packaging. Kids love them as they can get a good grip on them without mashing them through their fingers, parents love them as it takes some time to get through them. Win, win.

  • Raisins - another food that can take a while for your child to get through, especially if you get the ones in a little box.

  • Sandwiches (pitta or regular bread) - filled with your little one’s filling of choice. You can’t go wrong with this option. Tuna is a great way to get some healthy protein in at this stage too, without feeling like their overdosing on carbs.

  • Avocado - a great source of healthy fats and when sliced vertically, fit nicely into little paws.

What to take:

  • Wipes - kids are messy. You probably already know this. But don’t forget to give the floor a quick wipe afterwards, it’s good manners.

  • Bib - if you’re out and about, you don’t want your little one walking round with a big tomato sauce stain down their front. A decent sized bib will be a lifesaver.

  • Your own bowl - familiarity at mealtimes is important, especially if it’s your first time eating out as a family. Make sure you bring your bowl (preferably a BambooZoo one) - it should help make them feel at home.

Most of all - enjoy it. It’s your first step to feeling (semi) normal again.

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