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Cat suction plate


Care instructions


BambooZoo plates are suitable for hand-wash only. Silicon suction cap is dishwasher safe.

Say goodbye to food-filled flying saucers, and hello to BambooZoo - a suction-cup plate designed to stick around at mealtimes. 

Our range of beautifully crafted bamboo plates are perfect for breakfast time, lunchtime, dinnertime, anytime. Our cat plate features a super-strong silicone grip, so you can be sure this purr-fect puss won't leap off the table. Which means less time cleaning spills, and more time enjoying food - and feeding little imaginations along the way. 

Stress-free mealtimes 

Now you can prepare meals for your baby without worrying about the whole thing landing on the floor, or walls, or you! BambooZoo has been designed by parents - so it's made specially to withstand mealtime mayhem. 

A natural alternative 

We live in a disposable world where plastic use is on the rise. That's why we've made our plates from sustainable, organic bamboo. It not only looks good, but is good for the environment, too. Unlike other wooden materials, bamboo doesn't easily absorb liquids or stains, making it less prone to cracking and warping. While the silicone suction cap is dishwasher safe, we don't recommend putting the bamboo plate in with it. 

Feed their imaginations 

We've themed our plates around adorable animals children love. Our cat is a bundle of fun and will be sure to bring smiles out at mealtimes. We also love seeing parents let their imaginations run wild, filling each individual section with delicious food. 

Super-strong suction 

The silicon suction cap on the base of BambooZoo plates is food-grade, and designed to stay put on a smooth surface - even with persistent little hands. When you're done, simply lift the plate by the release tab on the silicone cap. 

A plate that grows with them 

Mastered mealtimes and no longer need the silicone suction cap? You can simply remove it and continue using your plate on its own.

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