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Our products:

Stress-free mealtimes 

You can now prepare meals for your baby without thinking the whole thing will soon be landing on the floor, walls, or you! Our plates are designed to withstand even the worst mealtime mayhem. 

A natural alternative 

We live in a disposable world where plastic use is on the rise. That's why we've made our plates from sustainable, organic bamboo. It not only looks good, but is good for the environment, too.

Feed their imaginations 

We've themed our plates around adorable animals children love. We also love seeing parents let their imaginations run wild, filling each individual section with delicious food. 

Super-strong suction 

The silicone suction cap on the base of BambooZoo plates is food-grade, and designed to stay put on any smooth surface - even under the strain of the most persistent little hands. 


Our plates suck

What can we say? Our plates really do suck. But that's exactly what you want from a suction plate. We can't guarantee your little one will like your food, but we can guarantee it'll stay where it's meant to be.


What our customers think

“My little boy loved throwing his plate off the table. Needless to say I didn't. BambooZoo was a real life (and sanity) saver”

Julie Fitzsimons, formerly frustrated mum

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